Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Possession

The Possession is yet again another one of those horror movies that tackles issues about being possessed by evil spirits. Wherein, the youngest child (Em) of a broken family chose to buy an old and cursed box from a yard sale. The horror started after the box has been opened. Just like the rest of the movies about being possessed by evil spirits, the child changed he attitude and went unluckily owned by the cursed spirit inside the box. Her father, went against all odds and did everything to save his child. Em, as portrayed by Natasha Calis, did a very good job in portraying the role.

It may sound like an ordinary horror movie, but this one, I must say has a different click to my taste. It wasn't boring at all and has no dull scenes like the other horror movies that I've watched before. One more thing that I loved about the movie, is the moral lesson of having a complete family. It is really important to have the people closest to your heart to be around you at all times. I hope that you will find the time to watch this movie. It is a must-see and will surely leave your heart pumping. Enjoy!

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