Tuesday, March 19, 2013

iHop Restaurant

I have been curious about this iHop pancake house in The Fort. It has been very popular in Instagram. So, after bringing my son, Teo, to Active Fun today we decided to try it out.

iHop is located in Bonifacio High Street accross Agave restaurant and on the right side lane of The Spa. We have tried several times to dine there but it has always been full-packed, as in long waiting line from inside to the outside of the restaurant. Good thing, today was not that bad. We were seated after only 5 mins.

Since we only wanted to try it for now and we've already eaten lunch, we only got an order of their Split Decision breakfast (eggs, 2 strips of bacon, 2 pork sausage links, 2 French toast triangles and 2 pcs of regular buttermilk pancakes) (P325). I also got a large glass of their Chocolate Milk (P95). Our order took almost 30 minutes before it was served :(.

You also have choices of pancake syrups right at your table side. They have strawberry, blueberry, old-fashioned and butter pecan. I liked the old-fashioned pancake syrup.

I love pancake and French Toast, but I think that iHop is just over-rated or maybe I just didn't taste their best-seller. It s also a bit pricey for me. But nonetheless, I was still happy because Teo liked it. My son is a picky eater but he was able to eat a pancake all by himself (or maybe he was just hungry and tired because he just came from playing at Active Fun for 2 and a half hours).

It is still a good thing that I tried it. I will still come back and will try to taste the other food on their menu. :)

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