Saturday, March 9, 2013

C3/ CustomerContactChannels

C3/ CustomerContactChannels is a BPO company that looks forward to expand their business more. They have offices located internationally like across The U.S., China and India just to name a few. They have one here in the Philippines which is beautifully located at The Fort here in Taguig City. They are also planning to open a new office at a new location in the coming months. Currently, they are looking for hundreds of employees to train to start-off a new account.

I got the chance to see how their operations floor look like via a special invite with a few other bloggers. They introduced the company to us and their big bosses humbly talked to us and walked with us while touring the whole production floor.

Operations Floor
Reception Area
Recruitment Area
The big bosses of C3 came from different backgrounds and companies and they promise not to do the things that they think are wrong from their previous companies. They promise to take care of their employees and give them a fun-filled environment to keep them motivated to go to work. They also give competitive salary and benefits package to their employees.

I have also been to a lot of call centers and I am actually currently employed by one of the biggest BPO companies here in the Phlippines. I can say that it really isn't just the salary that makes employees stay, the top reason, for me, is the relationship that you have with the people that you work with.

The whole event was fun-filled and the food was over-flowing. A lot of questions have been raised and answered perfectly by the speakers. Before leaving, we were given loot bags with C3 items. Again, thanks for the invite and more power to your company.

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