Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mama- A Mother's Love is Forever

I was hesitant to watch this movie initially because I thought that it will be too scary for me in my current situation (pregnancy) and I don't want to give birth early just because of watching a scary movie. Good thing that I decided to watch it anyway because I was too curious about the good reviews of this movie. So, I made the decision to finally watch it last night.

The movie revolves around the story of 2 abandoned girls that were found by the ghost of a woman looking for her child. They were taken cared of by this ghost for 5 long years. The growth of the children mentally and physically, however, were not the same as other normal children. Their uncle, who is their only close relative left didn't give up in trying to find them. After long years of searching, they were finally found in a secluded area and were brought to medical attention. Their custody was also given to their uncle and his girlfriend. The so-called ghost, which the kids refer to as "Mama", went along with them to their new home.

To sum it all up, that Mama is still looking after the kids eventhough there are already being taken cared of because she believes that they are her kids. Their doctor, uncle and their uncle's girlfriend did everything that they could to solve the mystery that is happening with the girls and they were successful. But unfortunately, when the time came that the ghost was trying to bring with her the 2 kids, the younger child decided to go with her while the other decided to stay. It was somewhat a sad and happy ending at the same time.

Indeed, a mother's love is forever and I can completely understand why the ghost came back to find her long lost child.

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