Monday, June 17, 2013

Black Canyon Coffee: Not your ordinary coffee shop

A new coffee shop was introduced last Saturday. They already have a branch open in Sm Southmall, but still, this brand is just new to my ears. But since I am a coffee lover, I went there so I can try it out.

The owner and bosses of this new coffee shop in McKinley Hill in Taguig were present during the launch. They were very welcoming and were courteous enough to answer all the questions coming from the people present during the event.

Black Canyon Coffee is slowly moving up to be known by a lot of not just coffee lovers but Thai food lovers as well. They serve iced and frappe Thai coffee's that I enjoyed. Some of their coffee's have ice creams at the top which is definitely new and is a must-try! They also serve Pad Thai which is a very well-known Thai cuisine. I am not a Thai food lover but I really enjoyed this one!

For people who are already getting bored with coffee shops that serve coffee and pastries, you SHOULD definitely go to Black Canyon Coffee and try the Thai food choices in their menu.

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