Monday, March 25, 2013

Boracay's famous Calamansi Muffin

Boracay, one of the most beautiful places here in the Philippines to go to. I have had the opportunity to visit this island a few years ago with my husband for a vacation. The pristine beach and sand-like white sand will definitely make you want to stay longer if you are there.

This past few days, I have been seeing posts in Instagram regarding a very delicious muffin that can be found in this paradise-like island. It is the Calamansi muffin sold at the Real Coffee Tea and Cafe.

Good thing that a very good friend of mine, Rachelle, went there for vacation. Since, I won't be able to go there for the meantime because I am due to give birth a few weeks from now, I asked her to buy me some so I can finally taste it. And just because she really has a good heart, she bought me a box of this famous muffin (P285/box of 6). She also had it delivered to me a day after her arrival (I am a spoiled pregnant friend!).

I immediately had a bite of the very fluffy muffin and I fell in love with it the moment I tasted it. It is really one of a kind. It is fluffy and very tasty. The calamansi taste is just perfect. I hope that  will be able to have a taste of it again soon. So to whoever is going to Boracay, please let me know :)!

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