Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sbarro Bloggers Night @Glorietta5

Tuesday, February 7, 2012 at around 7pm, we were invited by Richard Mamuyac of, a co-blogger and a good friend of ours to the Sbarro Bloggers' Night to be held at Sbarro in Glorietta 5. It was Sbarro's way of introducing their newest endorsement which is the Festa Italiana. A quick PowerPoint presentation was shown with a history of how Sbarro started out in the Philippines and how it expanded in years. Then, there came the introduction of Festa Italiana. This meal includes 2 10" pizzas, 1 whole spaghetti, 1 whole ziti, 1 salad and a bottle of 1 L. Coke for only P799!  We also had the chance of tasting it because they served it to us for free! Everybody will definitely enjoy this because it is, indeed, a feast. This meal is good for 4 people because of its big serving. If you love Italian food and is on a budget, you have to dig in to this group meal. For only 200 Pesos per head, you will have a taste of quality, great tasting and healthy food. While we were eating, there was also a raffle draw for everyone who attended the event. Sbarro gave away gift certificates (P1000, P2000, P3000 and P5000). Fortunately, out of at least 20 bloggers, my husband won the P5000 gc. One lucky winner got to take home a brand new Ipad 2. I was hoping that I could bag the grand prize but even if I didn't I did not go home crying because they gave each and everyone of us a bag full of freebies. A cd of the presentation, a Sbarro mug, a Sbarro t-shirt and 2 Festa Italiana gift certificates! What more can I ask for? Thanks to the organizers of the event and of course thank you to Richard for the invite! I am, absolutely, looking forward to more events like this.

You may check out this awesome meal and other mouth-watering food by going to the Sbarro website.

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