Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Priceless Princess

Last April 2, 2013, I was scheduled to go to my Ob-Gyne at The Medical City for my weekly check-up since I am expected to give birth on the 3rd week of April. But as I expected, they told me that I need to be admitted immediately and have my operation done right away (this was the exact same thing that happened to me when I gave birth to Teo). Good thing that I have prepared everything that I need as early as March just in case I give birth at an earlier date.

We arrived at the hospital at around 9:30am. I was closely monitored at the Pre-labor room for about 30 minutes and then they told me that my OB will be coming soon for my delivery. Good thing that my baby is already in full-term so there won't be any complications. I called my dad so I can tell them the good news and so that they can bring my things to the hospital. Inside the delivery suite, I was so anxious and nervous that I wanted to go home and remove the cords that were attached to me. I tried not to cry but I wasn't able to control my emotions. The doctors inside the delivery room were so accommodating that they helped me ease my worries away. They assured me that everything will be fine. I was awake the whole time and was eagerly waiting to hear my daughter's voice once she comes out. Margarita Merced was already out at exactly 11:24am via Cesarian Section (that is how fast everything went that day). She was 7.2lbs in weight and 49cm in length. She has fair complexion, black hair and a pair of perfect eyes. Those were the things that I noticed first when they showed her to me. All my worries went away the moment that I saw her.

I was transferred to the Recovery Room after the operation. Still, I cannot sleep the whole time that I was there. After an hour, I was so surprised that they brought Marga to me for breastfeeding. I was so happy that I saw her and that I was able to touch and hug her. After a few hours in the recovery room, I was then transferred to my room where my husband, Marlon, was waiting for me. He told me that he already saw our baby and that he is very happy. My things were there already but my dad and siblings already went home because my dad has to go to work. My mom came a little later to help us and to see her "apo". Before night time, Marga was already sent to our room.

This pregnancy really gave me a hard time. I was advised to file for a leave from work as early as September so my OB can monitor my weight and my baby's progress. I was confined and sent to the hospital a number of times because of some minor complications. My grandmother passed away which gave me a lot of stress and heartbreak. But,after seeing my princess, it was all worth it.

My family is now complete. I have a loving husband and 2 beautiful children. I already underwent ligation so Marga will be our last child. We now have a lot of time to save for their future, OUR future. Our journey as a family begins now and I hope that all the people that are important to us will be a part of it :).

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