Monday, July 3, 2017


enterprise collaboration

Every organization aims to establish successful projects to sustain its essence. There are companies which have been there for years, even decades, but have we ever wondered how each of these still manages to stay intact? The advancement of technology could be one of the major factors that affects their way of project management and enterprise collaboration.

Over the years, the standards of collaborating to refine an organization’s project have been uplifted. Of course, we may have seen on small and big screens how management held their brainstorming activities through meetings, conferences, and other ways. It could involve long hours of discussions, formulating possible solutions, and dispersing the responsibilities from the senior management to the regular employees.

Before, experts divided the phase of project management system into five steps. First will be the brainstorming phase, then outlining the ideas. After that, the team should spread the details to its subordinates and they have to maintain and close it successfully.

However, this kind of system might be obsolete in a few decades’ time. The birth of computer science and the Internet paved way to a more sophisticated, elaborate, transparent, and easy-to-access system with the help of idea management and enterprise collaboration tools.


Basically, it is a method of communication that allows employees to share and receive information through the help of Internet, social media, and other digital and online tools. Enterprise collaboration can handle project management, idea management, team task management and might as well more system that requires efficient communication among employees for the advancement of every projects.

According to a research, a good enterprise collaboration tool must have these three characteristics. First, it should have a suit of social tools such as instant messages and a workplace tab. It should also have a Learning Management System that could train every new employee. Most importantly, it should have communication tools like video conferencing, to name one.


These trio of requirements must not be hard to achieve, but a study reveals that despite the clear characters, some companies still fail to organize a smooth communication between the management and the employees. As per the recent analysis, the challenges that still lures the modern entertainment collaboration systems lies within the management.

Since the higher team are in charge of setting up the plans, ambiguity must be well taken care of. An unclear message could cause a major setback in every projects. Aside from that, lack of transparency has also seen as one of the three major problems that can put the enterprise collaboration system into jeopardy. Lastly, the management should stick to their original plans and not change it unless it is deeply necessary.

In order to avoid those pointers, one communication tool got features that aids organizations in building its idea management and project management system.


Tired of reading long E-mail threads? Zillable offers Team chat that enables each of the employees to seamlessly communicate whenever they are needed and need to. It also allows transparency in every information essential to the projects.

Aside from that, Zillable also offers a project management system tool that adapts the Kanban board style of planning merged with digital formula so exchanging of brilliant ideas would be smooth and fast. The resorts to a more time-efficient process in executing the plans thus saving time and effort.

More than its capability to run idea management and team task management, the Zillable enterprise collaboration tool also allows the employees to look into the online task manager and see the things that still needs to be done on every consecutive projects. They can also put the status of their respective task in an easier and user-friendly way.

Zillable allows collective working even though a firm has employees overseas. It fosters creativity throughout the workers as well and increase productivity. Highly likely, Zillable has been a huge help to companies since 2015.


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